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Napa Cabbage-Spinach Rolls

On page 33 of the book we explain how to make napa cabbage-spinach rolls, which help your hot pot in two ways: they add a delightful flourish to your dish, and, since the rolls are precooked, speed up the preparation process. We love using these rolls in our hot pots -- in addition to the recipes where we call for them, try substituting them for napa cabbage in other dishes. In the video above, we walk you through how to prepare them -- they're easy, give 'em a try!

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The Japanese have long believed that sharing a meal from a single pot forges closer relationships. Japan's beloved comfort food, hot pots, are a well-balanced and naturally nutritious bounty of vegetables, tofu, chicken, seafood, or meat, all infused with lip-smacking Japanese flavors. Japanese Hot Pots demystifies with more than fifty authentic recipes from across Japan. So gather your friends and family round the dinner table for these easy, economical, homey dishes that require minimal fuss and no special equipment — just a good appetite.